Famous Queen

Famous queen
Other names: 名门天后
Author: Ye Ying Muhai
Genre: Novel, romance
Release: 2017
Status: Chapter 165 The Man Behind the Queen (Grand Finale)


Encountered in a foreign country, she was terminally ill and died soon. In an instant, he was willing to perish, and promised her a lifetime promise. Bone and perish, they were willing to get lost in the cage of mutual love. met again. She is a third-rate actress who is waiting to be cast, but he is the one standing on the high platform to make the final decision. The truth is revealed, everything is a lie, and he feels that he is the fool who has been played around with a terminal illness in love. She wanted to explain, but only got the back of him breaking.

(This is what you owe me!) He hates her, so he tortured her with all kinds of methods, leaving her tortured physically and mentally. He plundered again and again, and she was heartbroken again and again. Are you sad? This is just the beginning.


Chapter 001 She owes him
Chapter 002 Go abroad for relaxation
Chapter 003 Tang Dynasty Prosperity
Chapter 004 Encounter
Chapter 005 A Woman with a Story
Chapter 006 Have fun
Chapter 007 Just Want to Live Longer
Chapter 008 Let’s Get Married
Chapter 009 Love at First Sight
Chapter 010 Luckily it’s just a dream
Chapter 011 Family is her bottom line
Chapter 012 Marry a Woman Who Wants to Die
Chapter 013 Thought You Will Not Come Anymore
Chapter 014 Going to Your Room or My Room
Chapter 015 Your husband can afford it
Chapter 016 Reason Over Physiology
Chapter 017 unstoppable
Chapter 018 Suffering from gains and losses
Chapter 019 Are You Really A Husband And Wife
Chapter 020 I’ll laugh when I think of him
Chapter 021 The Health Report Is Fake
Chapter 022 It’s only natural for a husband to find a wife
Chapter 023 Find someone to settle accounts
Chapter 024 Female man freaks out
Chapter 025 once
Chapter 026 Don’t Be Attached To The Past
Chapter 027 Credit Information Agency
Chapter 028 I’m Married
Chapter 029 Older Leftover Women
Chapter 030 is too soft
Chapter 031 Vague Anticipation
Chapter 032 Asking for trouble
Chapter 033 Escape