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Male love female love

Male love female love
Other names: 男欢女爱
Author: Hisaishi
Genre: Novel, Urban Romance
Release: 2019
Status: Ongoing


The novel “The love of men and women” Hisaishi/writing, the full text of the love of men and women read the love of men and women is a spy novel by Hisaishi…Chen Chu is in the developmental stage, facing the opposite sex His ignorance and desire prompted him to peek at the glamorous young women of his neighbors, peeing, bathing, and masturbating. He was out of control. He became more and more puzzled and mysterious about the differences between men and women, and began to explore and discover women’s private parts. Ambiguous stories happened one by one.

From the glamorous young woman in the neighbor, to the newly married daughter-in-law of Nen Ju in the small shop, to Banhua Juna, the director of women, the village officer of beautiful college students, the daughter of the village chief, the wife of the town chief… A ladder of beauty, the climber’s taller peaks. Sweeping the women in the village and calming down the coquettish Hualiu became his motto. …


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