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Mr. Fei, the pregnancy is over

Mr. Fei, the pregnancy is over
Other names: 费先生,借个孕已完结
Author: Gongziyan
Genre: Novel, Online Game
Release: 2019
Status: 1465


Shen Yugui had been particularly unlucky since he was a child, and he was possessed by God. She exhausted all her luck in this life and met him-as long as she is with Fenan City, all the bad luck will disappear. So she fell on him. “Boss, borrow your luck!” Fei Nancheng tangled for a while and began to take off his clothes seriously. Shen Yugui was horrified: “You, you, what are you going to do?” Fei Nancheng bullied himself up: “Don’t want to borrow a pregnancy?” Shen Yugui: …this “lucky” is not “pregnant”, hello! ! [I tried all my luck in this life, just to meet you. ——Young Master Yan]


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