Chiang Khong District in Chiang Rai, Thailand

Right opposite to the city Huaixai of Laos, this small and peaceful district Chiang Khong sits on the riverside ofMekongRiver. With its approximate 115 kilometers from the municipality, Chiang Khong is very convenient traveling from Chiang Saen through the Highway No. 1129, which is about 55 kilometers. Things to do here include taking a boat along the river and catching a glimpse on the lifestyle of people living by banks with scenic views. Chiang Khong is also home to the world’s largest freshwater fish, pla buk or giant catfish, of which is being researched and studied by the Chiang Khong Fishery Station to preserve its existence. Please note that the fishing-season is limited only during mid-January to May. Another community worth visiting is Ban Hat Bai where the Thai Lu ethnic group is known for their beautiful fabrics. Contact the immigration office or any tour agencies in the area if you feel like to visitLaos.

How to get there:

Approximately 115 kilometers from the municipality and if you travel from Chiang Saen, take the Highway No. 1129 to the east.

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