Shinto Emperor

Shinto Emperor
Other names: 神道帝尊
Author:  snail
Genre: Novel, fantasy
Release: Unknown
Status: Ongoing


As a young Qin Chen, the star gate was seized and his cultivation was abolished, but he awakened the memories of the Ninth Life and the Ninth World, and started the tenth life against the sky. Ten Thousand Worlds are books, and I write in my hand to compose the great world. Hundreds of domains are mountains, and my heart is the sea, and I walk out of the heavenly divine way. I hold the sky with my hands and step on the ground. In this life, I am the emperor, who dare not to accept?


Chapter 1 Deprivation of Star Gate
Chapter 2 Nine Lives and Ninth Worlds, Awaken!
Chapter 3 There is no divorce, only a widowed husband!
Chapter 4 Family Discussions
Chapter 5 One person to do things one person to do
Chapter 6 Three Battles

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