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Fresh wife sultry: Han Shao loves presumptuously!

Fresh wife sultry: Han Shao loves presumptuously!
Other names: 鲜妻撩人:寒少放肆爱!
Author: Jun XX
Genre: Novel, Romance
Release: Unknown
Status: Ongoing


As soon as he returned to China, she married the male god who had been secretly in love for sixteen years as she wished. Ye Youyou said: Happiness has come too suddenly! Hurry up! I thought it was a protracted battle of love, but who knew that after marriage, he was spoiled by the male gods in various fancy styles~ Rumors, the Gu family’s noble and unrelenting, ruthless and non-female eldest master had a flash marriage!

It is said that it was still the Civil Affairs Bureau that was stalked and abducted by the other party? Mrs. Gu has a fair and beautiful temperament, and has a high level of abuse and scumshots! Young Master Gu is domineering and domineering to protect his calf, and to dominate his wife without limit!


Chapter 1 You see yourself too much!
Chapter 2 You are responsible to me!
Chapter 3 Shao Han, someone is tracking sneak shots!
Chapter 4 How about you, agree with your body?
Chapter 5 Fantasy, this is the proof?
Chapter 6 That Woman, Not Worth It
Chapter 7 Compensate myself to him?
Chapter 8 Ye Family, I am not rare anymore
Chapter 9 There is nothing that can’t be solved by a single meal
Chapter 10 Husband Hug and Hold High
Chapter 11 Interesting, there is a story

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