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Chapter 11: Model body

Just after taking over the new job, Gu Xiaochen couldn’t adapt quickly. Although there are only three people in the office with her, the atmosphere is not much better than the planning department. Secretary Xia is the company’s famous Bingmei. She smiles only when Wu Helian appears.

The busy work made Gu Xiaochen feel overwhelmed, but she finished it very seriously.

It was just one thing that made her very troubled.

Shen Ruo’s girl didn’t know what was going on and suddenly ignored her. Calling to have dinner together, she said she was busy. After several days in a row, they worked in a company and never met again. Finally, I met it during lunch at noon that day, and Shen Ruo’s attitude was also lukewarm.

Without a word, she left with another colleague in the department.

Wu Helian was away from the company these days and went abroad again. The two assistants talked in their spare time, and she overheard a few words. It is said that this time I went to France, it seems to have brought Xin Huan.

As for how long this new Xinhuan can last, the answer is unknown.

In the clear afternoon, the central air conditioner was blowing cold wind slowly.

“Gu Xiaochen! You have copied these documents! The quarterly meeting next week will be used!”

“Good!” Gu Xiaochen got up and took the file, and walked to the printing room. She had just taken a step, and another assistant stacked another statistic on the file. She was not at all polite and smiled at her, “Since you go to copy, then this copy will trouble you. Copy it. “

“No problem.” Gu Xiaochen whispered, and walked out of the office with heavy documents.

Gu Xiaochen saw Wu Helian’s vigorous figure head-on, immediately stopped and shouted softly, “Master Lian.”

Wu Helian wore a khaki shirt, a blazer was held in her hands, and two buttons of the shirt were unbuttoned to reveal a strong wheat-colored chest. He has a model figure and the golden ratio of the inverted triangle is too sexy. Gu Xiaochen’s face was slightly hot. Fortunately, black frame glasses blocked his face, so he would not be too embarrassed.

Wu Helian glanced at her sideways, not much to say.

Behind him, he also followed another person, Yan Xudong.

“Miss Gu Xiaochen.” Yan Xudong began to call her name.

Gu Xiaochen had to stop again, “Mr. Yan.”

“Copy information?”


“It’s hard work.”

“Not hard.”

“Since it’s not hard, let’s make two cups of coffee. Secretary Xia took a leave today.” Yan Xudong got into his feet and smiled harmlessly.

Gu Xiaochen agreed, “Please wait a moment.”

The two walked into the office, and Wu Helian threw his suit on the sofa, bent down to sit down, and his legs overlapped casually into a chic posture.

Yan Xudong also sat on the sofa, “I still keep that confession for you, do you want to look at it?”

Wu Helian slowly raised her eyes, “Are you too busy?”

He described the resignation letter as a confession, because he could come up with it.

“I’m just a little curious, why did you suddenly raise a little-known clerk to a personal assistant.” Yan Xudong paused and said with a smile.

“Working ability is quite strong.”

“There are many people with strong working abilities.”

“It looks pleasing to the eye.”

“Smooth?” Yan Xudong was more interested, and it was rare that a woman would make him feel good.

Wu Helian raised her eyebrows and said in a deep voice, “I like quietness.”

Yan Xudong understood this time, it turned out that he was too foolish for the woman around him. This is also, who made him have a jealous and handsome face, and the woman regarded him as the lover of the dream, and the sparrow became the prince of the phoenix. Suddenly thinking again, he narrowed the way, “So what do you mean, she doesn’t dump you?”

God, there will be a woman immune to him.

“Boom-” The door knocked.

“Come in.” Wu Helian responded and skipped his question.

Hearing the echo from the office, Gu Xiaochen pushed the door in with his elbow. She looked at the two people sitting on the sofa, carrying the tray in both hands, and walked into the office carefully. The rich aroma of coffee diffused in the air, stimulating the taste buds, and it immediately felt refreshing.

“Master Lian, Manager Yan, coffee.” Gu Xiaochen said softly, bringing the coffee to the coffee table.

Yan Xudong took the coffee and took a sip, only to feel the fragrance of his lips and teeth.

“Manager Yan has won the prize.” Gu Xiaochen smiled, and Yu Guang glanced at the other.

Wu Helian elegantly picked up the coffee cup, her thin lips lightly sipped, her brow furrowed.

Gu Xiaochen couldn’t help but raise a heart, secretly thinking, “Then I’m going out first.”

She was about to turn around, but behind him came a heavy male voice, “Wait.”

Gu Xiaochen turned around and turned to him again, seeing Wu Helian holding a coffee cup in one hand, her bright black eyes staring at her, she waited breathlessly, she said in a hurry, “You will be responsible for coffee in the future.”

Gu Xiaochen nodded and was relieved.

Wu Helian casually asked, casually asking, “Already adapted to the new job?”

“Fortunately.” Gu Xiaochen squeezed out these two words.

“I’ll ask you something later, you just have to answer” yes “or” no “. I don’t like to hear ambiguous answers. Understand?” Wu Helian put the coffee cup on the coffee table, revealing an invisible and urgent atmosphere.

Yan Xudong opened her siege and said with a smile, “Mr. He, Ms. Gu just took office not long after. I shared her abilities, and it won’t take long to be able to perform well.”

“I want accurate time.” Wu Helian said in a deep voice, pressing the deadline.

Gu Xiaochen felt her weakness in an instant, but that pride would not allow her to retreat. The female voice was light and powerful, and he promised, “One week.”

“Go to work.” Wu Helian slightly forehead.

After exiting the office, Gu Xiaochen went to the printing room to copy the materials again, and pressed the button of the printer to tell himself that it would be fine.

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