Chapter 20: Suddenly Displeased

Gu Xiaochen recognized the chocolate, which was the box made by her novice mother. She forced back her eyes and hurriedly turned away.

After the door closed, Bao Ni smiled and stretched out her slim jade hand to pick up the remaining half of the chocolate. Coquettishly said, “Lian, you are so kind to others. How do you know people love chocolate?”

Wu Helian looked at the chocolate on the coffee table and forgot to put it in the car after her entertainment yesterday. When he came to the company today, he took it. It so happened that Bonnie saw the chocolate on the desk and took it apart and ate it happily without waiting for his response. Simply speaking, it was a gift for her.

“Does it taste good?” Wu Helian asked her with a smile while looking at her.

“It tastes very good. It’s more fragrant than chocolate imported from abroad. Where can I buy it?” Bonnie blinked her eyes and leaned happily on his shoulder.

“France.” Wu Helian lied casually, picked up the chocolate and pinched it in her hands.

Bonnie took the chocolate from his hand, opened the outer tin foil, and put it in his mouth to joke, “I feed you.”

He has always disliked sweets, and he does not like women’s favorite desserts.

Wu Helian was silent for a while, even opening her mouth miraculously with a miracle. As soon as Bonnie was surprised, Li Rong was full of surprise, and she suddenly supported me. She revived and said with joy and surprise, “Lian, do you like this kind of chocolate? Where did you buy it in France?”

The taste of chocolate is not too sweet, it is really good. But Wu Helian frowned, he turned his head slowly, and outlined the corners of his lips, “Isn’t it going to Australia?”

“Why have people changed their minds and want to go to France?” Bonnie wanted to please him wholeheartedly.

Wu Helian was still laughing, but Bonnie felt a daze because of his smile, and immediately changed her mouth to say, “Lian, people think about it, go to Australia.”

“Then go to Australia.” He kissed her cheek with satisfaction.

“Now?” Bonnie exclaimed.

Wu Helian stood around her waist and walked out of the office.

Coincidentally, Yan Xudong came to send the document for review. He saw the new face next to Wu Helian, but he was used to it, and nodded and smiled at Bao Ni. Looking at this situation, it seems to be going on a “vacation” again.

“Hengyuan’s planning case is handed over to you.” Wu Helian ordered Shen Sheng and went away with her new partner.

“OK.” Yan Xudong had to take over and looked at him. He turned his head, saw Gu Xiaochen walked out with the document, and immediately greeted him warmly, “Xiaochen, busy?”

“Fortunately.” Gu Xiaochen knew that he wanted to drink coffee again, so he answered, “I’ll make a cup of coffee for you.”

“Xiaochen, you are so nice.” Yan Xudong praised her hippie smile, and her long arm caught her neck like this, and she did not shy away.

Wu Helian in the elevator saw this scene, and the intimate behavior of the two people whispering, suddenly made him feel a little unhappy.



“Have you heard people talking, hate it.”

After several days in a row, Wu Helian did not return home with Xinhuan.

On Wednesday evening, Gu Xiaochen finished his work and was ready to leave work. She had originally asked Shen Ruo to have a meal, but just before work, Shen Ruo called to tell her that something was wrong and she could not eat together. Gu Xiaochen only said that it was okay, and told her to go busy when she had something to do.

Hanging up the phone, Gu Xiaochen lifted his shoulder bag and sat down in the elevator.

The elevator reached a certain floor, and someone came in.

Gu Xiaochen lowered his head, didn’t look at the coming person, but heard a hearty male voice hovering above his head, “Has you finished work?”

Sucking her alone in the elevator was obviously saying hello to her. Gu Xiaochen hurriedly raised his head and saw that Yan Xudong smirked at her, and suddenly raised a smile, “Mr. Yan.”

Yan Xudong “tipped” twice, supporting the elevator wall with one hand, exuding the charm of a mature man, “I said it’s off work, can’t you say that the manager, the manager is so rusty. Otherwise, no one privately At that time, you call me Xudong, or I am at a disadvantage, you call me a big brother, I will cover you later. ”

“It’s not so good.” Gu Xiaochen simply thought, but can’t let others suffer.

“Haha.” Yan Xudong laughed, embarrassed to see her, and deliberately teased her, “What is this, you remember to give me a cup of coffee.”

“It’s okay to make coffee, but …” Gu Xiaochen couldn’t help frowning, saying the name Big Brother, she couldn’t say anything.

Yan Xudong found out that although she usually spoke well, she was quite difficult to handle. When the elevator stopped, he hugged her arm directly and took her out of the elevator. “Go, Brother Yan will take you to dinner. I will treat you today.”

“No, no.” Gu Xiaochen refused again and again, and had to lie in anxiety, “I still have something.”

“What’s the matter?” Yan Xudong Fox questioned.

“Well, there is something urgent.” Gu Xiaochen was not good at lying and his ears were red.

“Then let me take you? I have nothing, but I am free.”

“I can do it myself, no more trouble, I will go first.” Gu Xiaochen finished talking softly, and immediately turned and ran out of the hall. But she ran too fast and looked down again, not to see anyone walking into the building. Yan Xudong shouted anxiously, but he was already in a hurry. Whose chest was planted in her head, so the smell of cologne surrounded her.

This fragrance …

Yan Xudong made several strides approaching and jokingly said, “Mr. He, have you finished the vacation so soon?”

“Xiaochen, wouldn’t you be dizzy?” Yan Xudong asked Gu Xiaochen motionless and asked curiously.

Suddenly Gu Xiaochen felt flushed on her face. She did n’t even dare to raise her head. She just shouted, “Lian, Master Lian, I’m sorry. Bye.”

With her arms empty, she had already strode out of the hall. Wu Helian turned her head and glanced, but the faint scent on her body still haunted him.

“Haha, she’s so cute.” Yan Xudong laughed out loud, very interesting.

Wu Helian was quiet, but her eyes were tight.

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