Sparrow wants revolution: goodbye, sea of memories

Sparrow wants revolution: goodbye, sea of memories
Other names: 麻雀要革命:再见,记忆海
Author: Meina
Genre: Novel, Romance Novel
Release: Unknown
Status: Ongoing


Shang Xia Xi, one of the heirs of the four major families, has an elegant temperament and a natural cleanliness. Engaged in a marriage contract with Mengcheng, the son of Mengcheng. And this story is about what happened before Shangxiaxi High School…

Yin Xingzhe, a handsome young man with a fairy temperament, and he turned out to be Montayi’s cousin! After learning that she had a marriage contract, under the instigation of her friend Zi Lei, Shang Xiaxi decided to launch a great feat called the “Love Experience Project”.

Haha, you can’t walk directly into the tomb of marriage without being in love, right? It’s just that the story gradually develops a little beyond control, Shang Xia Xi, what do you have to do to control that gradually derailed heart?


Chapter 1 A Prologue A Kiss