South Korea T-money or Cashbee – How to use the card?

T-money and Cashbee are transportation cards that can be used on public buses and subways in several different metropolitan cities and locations throughout the nation. With this transportation card, travelers can save the hassle of purchasing single journey subway tickets for every ride and enjoy discounts on rides during transfers from one bus to another, one subway line to another, or from bus to subway or vice versa (within a transfer time limit). Price is start from 2,500 won.

Areas of use in Subway which follows:

  • Seoul & Gyeonggi (Lines 1-9, Airport Railroad, Shinbundang Line, U Line, Suin Line,
  • Gyeongchun Line, Gyeongui-Jungang Line, Jungang Line, Bundang Line, Yongin EverLine)
  • Incheon (Lines 1-2)
  • Daejeon (Line 1)
  • Daegu (Lines 1-3)
  • Busan (Lines 1-4, Busan-Gimhae Light Rail)
  • Gwangju (Line 1)
    * Cashbee card is not accepted in Daejeon

Areas of use in Bus which follows:

  • Seoul & Gyeonggi (All areas)
  • Incheon, Daejeon, Daegu, Ulsan, Gwangju, Busan, Sejong (All areas)
  • Gangwon (Chuncheon, Wonju, Gangnueng, Hoengseong)
  • Chungbuk (Chungju, Yeongdong, Cheongju, Okcheon, Danyang, Jecheon, Jincheon, Cheongwon, Goesan, Boeun, Eumseong, Jeungpyeong)
  • Chungnam (Cheonan, Asan, Hongseong, Gongju, Nonsan, Cheongyang, Boryeong, Yeongi, Yesan, Geumsan, Buyeo, Taean, Seosan, Seocheon, Dangjin, Gyeryong)
  • Gyeongbuk (Pohang, Yeongju, Mungyeong, Sangju, Andong, Gumi, Gyeongju, Gimcheon, Uljin, Uiseong, Gyeongsan, Yecheon, Ulleung, Chilgok, Yeongcheon, Cheongdo)
  • Gyeongnam (Tongyeong, Geoje, Changwon, Yangsan, Haman, Miryang, Sacheon, Sancheong, Hadong, Changnyeon, Hamyang, Jinju, Goseong, Geochang, Namhae, Hapcheon, Gimhae)
  • Jeonbuk (Gunsan, Wanju, Sunchang, Jeonju, Gimje, Ilsan, Iksan, Jinan, Gochang, Jeongeup, Buan, Namwon, Muju, Jangsu)
  • Jeonnam (Yeosu, Mokpo, Gwangyang, Naju, Hwasun, Haenam, Jangseong, Muan, Hampyeong, Damyang, Gurye, Gangjin, Goheung, Boseong, Yeongam, Suncheon, Gokseong, Jangheung, Yeonggwang)
  • Jeju (All areas)
  • * Cashbee card is not accepted in Daejeon, Gyeongbuk (Andong), Gyeongnam (Geoje, Tongyeong, Hadong, Hapcheon, Hamyang, Geochang, Changnyeong, Goseong, Sancheong, Namhae).

Sales locations that sale the card are at Convenience stores (GS25, CU, 7-Eleven, Ministop, With Me, Buy The Way, Story Way, etc.) bearing the T-money or Cashbee logo in areas of use listed above. (*Note: T-Money card can also be purchased from ticket vending and card reload devices inside subway stations)

All sales locations and card reload devices inside subway stations can make recharging and refund cash but card cannot be refundable. If you want more information can be find at

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