Basic Information of Hungary

Capital: Coat of arms of Budapest
Largest city: Budapest
Official languages: Hungarian
Governance: democratic system of parliament
– President Yanok Adair
– Prime Minister Viktor Oroban
– Established in December, 1543.
Currency: Forint (HUF)
Time zone: CET (UTC + 1) • Summer (DST) CEST (UTC + 2)
Top domain: .hu
Country Calling Code: 36

Hungary (Hungarian: Magyarország [mɒɟɒrorsaːɡ] Moorish remains) is a landlocked central European country. The territory north to Slovakia. East to Romania and Ukraine. South to Serbia and Croatia South-west to Slovenia and west to Austria. The biggest city and capital of the country is Budapest. The Hungarian name in Hungarian means “Country of the Magyars.” Source:

County of Hungary
Hungary divides its upper administrative divisions into 19 counties and 1 capital. (The names of the main cities are in parentheses.)


  • County of Rome – Astorga (Tottori)
  • Chanthaburi Province
  • Salt Lake City (United States)
  • Salo County (Salo)
  • Somerset County (Goshen)
  • County of Salina (safflower)
  • Nijrad County (Shostakovich)
  • Borough (Bosnia and Herzegovina)
  • Bashkishan District (Gashagate)
  • Beeches (Beech)
  • Borsod-Osnabruck – Saxon Castle (Miksgold)
  • Paternou (Budapest)
  • Fayette County (Sebastopol)
  • County of Yaz-Junjun-Seoul (Seoul)
  • Iyer-Moosan-Chochow (Ayers)
  • Whitchurch (Somerset)
  • Vespas County (Wpsom)
  • Hoyou County – Biorh (Da Barrett)
  • Hashish County (Aargau)

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