Basic Information of Italy

nglish or Italian: Repubblica italiana
Capital and largest city: Rome
Official languages: Italian
Governance: Democratic Republic
– President Sarmiento Greco
– Prime Minister of Chile
Established as:
– National Combination March 17, 1861
– Republic of Italy June 2, 1946
Currency: € (€) 2 (EUR)
Time zone: CET (UTC + 1) • Summer (DST) CEST (UTC + 2)
Top domain: .it
Country Calling Code: 39

Italy is officially named. Republic of Italy (Italian Republic; Italian: Repubblica italiana) is a European country. Southern Europe Located in the Italian peninsula shaped like boots and there are two islands. In the Mediterranean Sea is Sicily and Sardinia. The northern border divides the country by the Alps. With France Switzerland, Austria and Slovenia Italy is a founding member of the European Union. Members of the United Nations, NATO and the G8.

There are two independent countries: San Marino and the Vatican. It is surrounded by regions of Italy. While in Cameroon, Anastasia It is a part of Italy that is surrounded by Switzerland.

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