Basic Information of Portugal

Portugal or official name is The Portuguese Republic is a democratic republic. It is located in the western and southwestern part of the Iberian Peninsula in southern Europe and is considered to be the most western country in all European countries (except Great Britain and neighboring islands). Portugal borders Spain in the north and east. It is located adjacent to the Atlantic Ocean in the west and south. In addition, Portugal also consists of several islands in the Atlantic Ocean, such as Azeroth and Madeira Island and Porto Santo iIncluding the Savage Islands.

Republican model Democratic Parliamentary Assembly (Parliamentary Assembly) Legislative Assembly The Assembly of the Republic (Assembleia da Republica) is composed of 230 members, not more than 4 years old. There are elections outside the country and voting by mail.

Portugal Attractions is another popular tourist destination in Europe. Portugal is located on the tip of the Iberian Peninsula, southwest of Europe. The capital of Portugal is Lisbon is a very important port. Although Portugal is a small town and not a lot of people, but the history and attractions are not at all.

Let’s start at the capital of Portugal as well. Lisbon is one of the unique capitals. The city is located on seven hills. It is also adjacent to the Tacus River. Lisbon is a historic and historic city of more than 800 years. The city of Lisbon has been restored from the earthquake. Lisbon is more beautiful and unique. THE ROYAL COACHES MUSEUM was the perfect carriage in Europe since the 16th century. At that time Portugal flourished in power. Within the museum are many carriages used in those days, which are very beautiful it. The carriages that were brought to tourists have been used as vehicles of the Portuguese king in the past and also vehicles in various countries. Delivered as a tribute to the King of Portugal is another place at UNESCO announced as a World Heritage Site is the Jeronimos Monastery (JERONIMOS MONASTRY) in the Beelang District. This place has been built in the style of Manuel line (Manuelline). The beauty of the pattern at the door. Windows and poles Which was adapted from the plants in the water, shells and anchor ropes. And more Jeronimos Monastery It is 70 years old and within Jeronimos Monastery is the grave of Vasco da Gama, the great navigator of the world. This place is really beautiful. Travelers who come to Europe in Portugal will not be disappointed. We come together to do it. Another unique city is the city of Sintra (Sintra). The city has many attractions. But that is recommended. Xintiandi Palace Set on a steep hill, which is amazing and has beautiful views. To respect the ability of the ancient people to build this palace to the tourists to see the contemporary art influenced by the people of the Moor, who once occupied and dominate the land itself. I Xintiandi Palace The tourists who come to Europe in Portugal are very interested in it, located on the hill and have a beautiful view. I do not want tourists to miss this place.

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