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In the name of marriage: Secret love ex-wife 99 degrees

In the name of marriage: Secret love ex-wife 99 degrees
Other names: 以婚之名:秘爱前妻99度
Author: Happy Birthday
Genre: Novel, romance
Release: Unknown
Status: 407 + 3 Extra


Once she woke up, she became the most expensive one among the people who worked hard and unscrupulously to climb the famous city. He exhausted his methods, but he couldn’t get married because of his overwhelming power. Instead, he wanted to continue to stay by his side to play the role of “married wife”. During the marriage, they were all intent on each other, and they never gave each other sincerely. “Teng Jingfeng, I’m tired, let’s get a divorce.” “I can sign the agreement, but you must pay off the debt you owe me first.” “What do I owe you?” “An heir.”


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