Shadow of Rebirth

Shadow of Rebirth
Other names: 重生之影后本色
Author: Bad Life (Bo Ming)
Genre: Novel, Romance
Release: 201X
Status: Chapter 392 Finale


In her previous life, she was the queen of China’s entertainment industry. She was framed and slandered by her companions, and finally died in a car accident. Reborn in this life on a wealthy daughter, Qiao Yu, looking at the more beautiful face in the mirror than in the previous life, she decided to return to the entertainment circle and settle accounts with the old man. She was hailed as the first love of the nation for her role in a movie.

One year later, She got the shadow queen and became the national goddess of China! But… the owner of this body seems to have caused a lot of trouble. When I was six years old, I took off the pants of my company’s big boss… Ever wrote a love letter to the new male god Song Ciqian? Have molested many, many people… these are nothing. The original body still bluntly said to follow the myth of China Fu Xun in front of many people? ! Goddess Joe died. –The plot is fictitious, please do not imitate


Chapter 1 She was born again?!
Chapter 2 I am Qiao Yu
Chapter 3 Those Years of Youth Audition
Chapter 4 Song Ciqian also came to audition
Chapter 5 Xia Ansheng can only do it with her!
Chapter 6 Hidden Attributes
Chapter 7 No?
Chapter 8 Ye Molan
Chapter 9 Nice to meet you
Chapter 10 Qiao Yu is the little fairy!
Chapter 11 Qin Sheng, Xu Lianyi
Chapter 12 Don’t Shame Our Qiao Family
Chapter 13 Don’t Shoot!
Chapter 14 The Most Beautiful School Girl
Chapter 15 I Want Her to Go
Chapter 16 President Gu, I’m Sorry
Chapter 17 Don’t Come Over!
Chapter 18 I’m Not Worthy?
Chapter 19: Was Hacked?
Chapter 20 Qiao Yu is here