Airport Train in Nagoya

Sky-sky is convenient way to get from the airport to Nagoya more comfort.

How to get there:

It’s convenient way to get from the airport to Nagoya. In the convenience of the airport, the Japanese International Airport is directly connected to the airport. Sky train – Sky – The sky is limited, can take you from there to the station. Gaya fastest in 28 minutes.

The station is a short walk from the airport’s lobby. When you are at the station, the left of the person one by one is the vending machine and the window with the staff you can buy your ticket.

If you are using sky-blue, you buy two tickets: your ordinary ticket and your ticket. When your ticket is in your hand, you are ready to ride! Through the barrier, sky-sky leaves platform 1, which is the far right. When you travel, the time it takes to get from one place to another is one important consideration. Take the sky and enjoy.

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