The heart of “Guru Yoga”

In a nutshell, “Guru Yoga” helps us cultivate and grow esteem, but the core point of this practice is to blend your heart with the heart of the guru. This process of “mixing” is not limited to the heart, it contains us all of our whole body, language, and meaning. Therefore, we should try to blend each part of our own with the Guru, from your identity, body, sound to smell and taste. Here, I want to emphasize again that nouns and languages ​​are sometimes misleading. The term “combination” automatically means that there are two separate individuals present, and it is possible to integrate them.

However, as the King of the Samantabhadra tells us, the nature of the heart is empty, and so is the nature of all phenomena. Although from the perspective of the vast phenomenon world, it seems that there are two separate individuals to be merged. However, since the external guru is a reflection of your respect, this process of “combination” is more than just two It is much more profound to mix elements together. In fact, you are establishing an understanding; there has never been a separate individual called the “Guru” who can blend in with your heart. In other words, your heart and the guru’s heart have never been separated.

External guru

As we have said, the external, inner, secret master is our heart. Even so, our beginners will still look for an example to inspire and guide themselves, so we convert to him; and in order to express gratitude for the Dharma, we offer him a support. Many people are eager to find an object or any object, using the only communication methods we use, such as wailing, complaining, crying, praying, etc., to describe to them the ups and downs of all our emotions. In order to meet this need, the way to practice – from the perspective of Vajrayana, “Tao” is “confusing” – providing us with an external guru.

Of course, all the ways of practice will eventually be abandoned, but at this moment, you should continue to dedicate your homage to the external master with the heart of admiration and the unwavering cleanliness. Then slowly and step by step, try to integrate yourself with the inner and secret masters. After a while, you will realize that the external, inner and secret masters have never been separated from themselves.

Practice guide

Blend your heart with the heart of the guru

I strongly encourage you to reconcile your heart with your teacher’s heart. When you look at the lotus master and hold the “Lianshi Mantra”, every time you recite it for a hundred times, you will integrate the lotus master into your heart. The more you do this process, the better, so every time you hold a ten or twenty times, the mantra is integrated, and then you look at the “nothing.” Needless to say, this experience will definitely change your life.

The main point of mind is to let your heart blend with the heart of the guru. This practice can be carried out in various daily situations. For example, when you are on an escalator, or on a train, in a department store, or in a movie theater, try to blend your hearts together until you leave. This doesn’t take up time, and it’s easy to get back to what you’re doing after the end, whether you’re shopping, watching a movie, or watching a football game.

So, take a few minutes a day to blend your heart with the heart of the guru, and then take the time to look at the “nothing.” If you practice this way, it will bring a kind of blessing, that is, in the near future, there will be nothing in life, you will feel that there is something great about it. But don’t expect it to work right away, you have to be patient and practice the law with peace of mind. You have a lot of habits, attachments, and confusion that need to be adjusted. It may take a while to see results. If so, don’t complain! Complain is that if you put the raw eggs on the table, you will complain that it has not been cooked; you have to put the eggs in the pot and heat them on the stove before they will be cooked. If you don’t even put the eggs in the pot, there is no reason to complain that it is alive; if you complain, it means that you still don’t understand the relationship between “cause”, “margin” and “fruit”. Most modern people fall into this trap, even if they have extraordinary achievements in scientific exploration, such as sending humans to the moon, or discovering that the earth is round (until today, some Tibetans think the earth is flat), They still lack this basic understanding.

What if you need to spend ten years practicing to make a difference? Compared to your innumerable billions of past lives (those times when you haven’t even taken out the eggs from the box), why have you been hanging for ten years! You have improved, because you finally know where there are eggs, and you know that you have to take it out of the box and put it in the pot before you can cook it. This is a huge improvement in itself. Even if you only know so much, you must have accumulated a lot of Ford to be possible.
The three poisons that the practitioner must remove

The practitioner needs to remove the three poisons. The first kind of poison is “evil”. You must dispel this poison by hearing and thinking. In the process, even if you seem to have established “righteousness,” you can still avoid being contaminated by other poisons, concepts, and doubts that need to be removed. To do this, you need to use meditation as a cure, such as applying “stop”, because it can kill all “namtok”, which is to remove the second poison. The third type of poison that needs to be removed is the “experience” of binary and subject/object. When you continue to have this experience, your practice has always been toxic. To get rid of this poison, you must use the meditation of “view”.

Every level of understanding that we struggle to gain must eventually be abandoned, because, as the past teachers have warned many times: “Understanding” is like a patch, and will fall sooner or later; feelings like a mist will sooner or later dissipate. However, for those of us who have been taught to cherish the progress of the step by step, it is hard to grasp the thought that one day must abandon all the achievements in the spiritual practice.
Three kinds of feelings

Since “Guru Yoga” can trigger such a strong blessing, changes in your mood and heart that you have not expected may greatly agitate your life, so be prepared. Most importantly, “Guru Yoga” usually causes a variety of “sensation” (hidden nyam).

As far as “Guru Yoga” is concerned, there are three kinds of feelings. One is to feel “bliss” so that you are sure that you can handle anything that happens in your life. Just as the cup and the tea tray fit perfectly, everything in life is so perfect, you feel that you can do anything, even let an elephant stand on your fingertips. Nothing is unacceptable or unbearable. Even if someone tells you that Frankfurt has just turned over, you can accept it without hesitation. Not only can you believe in incredible things, but you will also experience amazing and physical pleasures. Although most of us have never experienced this special feeling, it is sad that it is one of our common aspirations.

Another kind of feeling is “non-conceptualisation.” You don’t have the thoughts, you don’t feel hateful or greedy, don’t make any judgments or comparisons, don’t feel insecure, everything you perceive is lively and lifelike, this experience can last for a few minutes, hours or even a few days. But let’s not talk too much about the details of this feeling. It is better to find out by yourself.

The third kind of sensation is an unusual “clarity”. Everything you perceive is so clear. For example, you can see every leaf on every tree, and your intuition is so sharp that you can see the thoughts of others.

These three kinds of feelings will eventually dissipate like mist, so they are not your ultimate goal. You are also unlikely to have this experience in the short term. Most of us have not experienced the first good dream, so it is too early to deal with the possibility of feeling.
When you are bored

We will get bored no matter what method we practice. Today, we are more likely to get bored than ever before. How many people can satisfy a single TV channel? So, when you find your heart is dilated and looking for a new goal, you should switch focus.

For example, you can imagine a lotus teacher everywhere, filling every inch of the void. When you hold the “Lianshi Mantra”, the six light balls are instantly transformed into six lotus masters. Another blink of an eye, a blue flag appears, then a lotus teacher, then suddenly everyone around you turns into a lotus teacher, then a person’s thermos, pen, pencil, watch, book, handkerchief, tablecloth, Paper towels have also become lotus masters. The trees, mountains, lakes, railways, and vehicles outside were transformed into the body of the lotus master in an instant, and even the pleasant breeze became his reality.

You can also try to see the lotus teacher on top of your head, or sitting in front of you or in your heart. (As mentioned above, in each case, there can be different ideas.
· When you hold a curse, look at an uninterrupted stream of nectar from the lotus teacher and integrate into you.
· At night, think of the guru sitting on a lotus flower in your heart.
· When you are eating, think about the guru in your throat.
· When you are faced with obstacles, such as disagreement with your family or feeling depressed, look at the guru on your shoulder and show your fangs with anger.
· “Dragon Ching Principal” practitioners can see the spark or scorpion shot from the lotus master’s vajra, the scorpion seized and swallowed each obstacle until it was completely removed.
· When you are on the verge of death, think about your guru’s appearance as the red Amitabha, and move yourself into the heart of Amitabha over and over again.
· Imagine everyone and everything you encounter in the day is the same as the lotus teacher.

This is a very esoteric practice. Beginners may feel a little difficult at the beginning, so it may be better to do it from the level of pledge. Basically, everything (Buddha, Fa, Skull, Deity, Air, and Law) is the embodiment of your guru. So, for example, if you are repairing a law of esteem, you will offer it and see it as a lotus teacher to protect the body. As a result, your support for the law has also become a support for the Guru. Moreover, you don’t have to limit your support to what the average person calls “good” or “attractive” things. You can support everything, including illness, bad news and loss, and remember that everything should be regarded as a guru and its The realization of blessing.
Don’t promise too much practice

As mentioned above, in some unlawful periods, it is extremely rare and precious to hear that Dharma is very important. I will of course encourage you to accept as many teachings as possible. However, if you are eager to accept the empowerment, I would strongly recommend that you understand what you will do before you go, and then ask yourself if you really have time to complete the ritual practice every day. If life is already busy enough, you better want to know if you really want to collect the empowerment? No matter how short the ritual looks, these practices will accumulate. Of course, if you have plenty of time, and accept the empowerment and build-up commitments to make you feel good, especially if you can’t honour your commitments, then listen to them.

When the practitioners first enter the soul, they usually look very enthusiastic and do their best to practice every teaching method that they can reach. However, the same feeling of boredom is destined to come to an end, and often occurs at the moment you enter the final stage. If you change another method at this time, though, maybe you will be encouraged by the new practice in a few days or weeks, but in terms of the progress of the mind, you will fall back to the original point. The irony is that in the near future, you will start to get tired of the new practice as you are tired of the old law.

You can try to see more Guru and hear more Faculty, especially if you are eager to follow higher-level Fa Do, you should also interact with the Taoist who practice the same inheritance, but try to avoid Distractions, especially for those at first glance, seem more attractive than what you are practicing.
The sign of the maturer’s maturity

Zee Natto Jean Zhuo once said that as the practitioner’s understanding of the understanding of the land becomes more mature, he will be more critical of the rather meager karma; as the experience and realization grow, he will become more crazy about madness. Lack of courage; he is more and more self-sufficient, and he is more and more clear to others. From his point of view, not only the Guru, but all the people including the Ganggang Daoyou are “good”, this is a sign that his heart has been adjusted. You may think that the more you adjust your heart, the more likely you are to see the frenzy of others. However, the opposite is true. Mature practitioners are more explicit to others than beginners. The more he gains the enlightened merits of the practitioner, the more humble he is; the longer he spends with the master, the more he will be respectful; the more he hears and thinks about the Dharma, the sooner he will reduce arrogance and conceit.

The most fascinating sign of a great practitioner is not to give birth to a halo, or to have an extraordinary auspicious dream, or to feel the great music, or to predict our painful future. The most fascinating sign is that he is not interested in material gains, fame, his admiration or as the focus of everyone.
Pray for the text and what should be prayed for

Such as the father of the teacher, the incarnation of the three Buddhas, please listen! After all the rotations of the various laws, my heart is eager to urge me to practice the law – thank you, the supreme master! Thank you for your blessing, let me remember “impermanence.”

Kangchu Luozhuo Taiye has written countless beautiful prayers, which is a brief translation of one of them. We all need to pray for “an eternal”, but we also want to ask the Dharma to appear properly.

Please bless me, the supreme master! May my heart turn to the Dharma, and the Dharma will enter my heart.

Please bless me, the supreme master! May my Dharma practice be smooth.

Please bless me! May the taint on the way of the law be removed; please bless me! May the ignorance and confusion become the wisdom; please bless me! May all non-dharma thoughts stop immediately! When strong habits drive me, when the past karma is mature, the supreme master! Please bless me! May I do nothing.

In the aforementioned petition, we are not willing to satisfy our own worldly desires, but to pray to the teacher: If we pray for the worldly interests, pray that the guru will not be satisfied.

Please bless me! May compassion and Bodhicitta bloom in my heart. Please bless me! May my mind have a relative and absolute Bodhicitta.

Please bless me! I sincerely, sincerely and sincerely grow up in my heart.

Please bless me! May the inspiration and encouragement grow and never die. Please bless me! May my next distraction not make me mess. Please bless me! May I never be killed by karma and habit.

Please bless me! May I never be deceived by the appearance of goodness.

Often, we will be convinced that some situations are happening and are the positive results of Dharma practice. The problem is that we are confused by these conditions and let the seemingly positive results turn into negative ones. Therefore, we should pray that no matter what happens, we will not be scattered.

Please bless me! May I be healthy and thus benefit all beings.

Please bless me! May all thoughts lead me to Dharma.

The last prayer is especially wonderful. Although our thoughts and behaviors seem ordinary and secular, we ask for blessings and hope that the same behavior will benefit others in the future. For example, if you have a cup of Guinness dark beer in your head, you suddenly want to have a drink, so you go to the pub, where you will encounter a stranger unexpectedly, and you talk to him about Dharma. The stranger was very interested in your words, and he recorded the address of the local Buddhist dojo before he was beaten. Your mundane, want to drink a glass of wine, led the stranger to the Dharma.

Please bless me! May I be free from hardship and forever rich.

Please bless me! May I prolong my life and practice the Fa-rectification.

As Kang Chu Rinpoche wrote in “Devotion to the Guru”:

Please bless me! May I be able to successfully fulfill the Fa-rectification. Please bless me! May my heart be deeply saddened. Please bless me! May I converge on the vulgar plan. Please bless me! May I remember the inevitability of death. Please bless me! May I be convinced of karma. Please bless me! May my mind be unobstructed. Please bless me! May I do my best to improve my practice. Please bless me! May I turn to adversity as a monastic. Please bless me! May I continue to apply the right governance. Please bless me! May I have a pure and sincere heart. Please bless me! May I have a glimpse of the reality. Please bless me! I hope that Guan Zhi will wake up in my heart. Please bless me! May I completely eradicate ignorance.

Please bless me! May I be able to make Buddha fruit in this life.

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