Yue female sword

Yue female sword
Other names: 越女剑
Author: Jin Yong
Genre: Novel, Wuxia Novels
Release: Unknown
Status: Ongoing


“The Sword of the Yue Girl”, a short martial arts novel, written by Jin Yong, is now included in the “Collection of Jin Yong’s Works” and attached to the “Xia Ke Xing”. “Yue Nv Sword” is only more than 10,000 words before and after, far less than the tens of millions of words in the other 14th major works. Therefore, there are few film and television series based on it, and only one ATV version is known. Jin Yong originally intended to write a short story for each of the “Thirty Three Musketeers”, and in the end only completed the first “Yue Nv Sword”, which was not included in the couplet. Although “Yue Nv Sword” is short, it is commendable in all aspects, and it is a good product in the short story.


Yue Female Sword Chapter 1