Extraordinary Perspective

Extraordinary Perspective
Other names: 超凡透视
Author: Beichuan
Genre: Novel, Fantasy magic novel
Release: 2019
Status: Chapter 3003 Final Battle (16) Finale


Xuanyuan and Shennong seized the opportunity and slaughtered frantically. Even the general was staggered by the sudden appearance of the palm, and was shot by the four elders. “Get me off!” The general’s huge right foot stomped fiercely on the ground, and the ground rolled like a sea. All palms were shaken apart. At this time, all the Scorpio formations had been defeated, and countless disciples of the Dark Blood Building and fierce beasts ran around like headless flies. Shennong and Xuanyuanhong took the opportunity to slaughter wildly. Shennong’s hands

Rushing the crown into a red face, killing the enemy with a sword, holding a three-foot long sword, cutting down all the powerful enemies, splitting the heavy fog, and casting a generation of passionate legends!