Mandalay Palace in Mandalay City, Myanmar

Mandalay Palace (Golden Teak Palace) was constructed by King Dong during the years 1857-1859 after moving the capital from Amrapura to Mandalay. To escape the British soldiers During the Burmese-British war. This is called in Burmese language as မြနန်း စံ ကျော် (Mya Nan San Kyaw) which means “The famous Emerald Palace” but is well known as ရွှေ နန်းတော် ကြီး meaning “Golden Palace”.

A palace built entirely from teak Known as one of the most beautiful in Asia. There was a moat around the palace and a great gate and was the last palace of Thebes from the last king of Khong Khong dynasty and in the history of Burma. After this palace was bombed and destroyed by British planes. Now it has been rebuilt by the Burmese government by copying the original structure but the beauty is much less than the original.

Visiting the palace that you can enter in the morning and afternoon on sightseeing cars. You must enter and exit at the east side only. The palace allow to watch only for the Maha Monthian part and other sections do not allow visitors also do not take pictures. This because the location is around the military and they’re strict security.

Admission fee to Mandalay Palace is 10000 Kyat.

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