Miyazaki City, Japan

Miyazaki City in Japan is 3 hours far from Oita city. The city has a sea-open resort and in the south is a national park along the coast of Ninbinan from 100 km. In the gorge is very strange. Miyazaki City is also near attractions such as Takachiho to the north and Kirishima to the southwest, which are both important sites of Japanese.

Miyazaki is featured in many of the beautiful natural attractions because the city surrounded by the sea, mountains, the planting of large and tall palms which makes the atmosphere of a seaside town. There are bright scenery to see along the way as well as the weather is warm not chaotic and quiet. Gradually Suitable for people who like to travel to quiet cities but have the most beautiful nature.

In addition to the tourist spots with good atmosphere also Miyazaki city has delicious restaurants, comfortable accommodations and beauty views.

For information about Place to go, Thing to do, What to see:

  1. Aoshima Shrine
  2. Atagoyama Observatory
  3. Takachiho kyo
  4. Takachiho shrine
  5. Miyazaki City Phoenix Zoo
  6. Florante Miyazaki
  7. Sun Messe Nichinan
  8. Udo Shrine
  9. Phoenix Seagaia Resort
  10. Miyazaki Kanko Hotel
  11. Aoshima Grand Hotel
  12. Ogura Segashira shop (おぐら瀬頭店)
  13. Daemon de marche
  14. Horikiri Pass & Roadside station

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