Mr. Lu, your wife is on the hot search again!

Mr. Lu, your wife is on the hot search again!
Other names: 陆总,你老婆又上热搜了!
Author: Ah Ying
Genre: Novel, Romance
Release: 2019
Status: Chapter 830


Jian Man accepted an interview after she became a filmmaker.
Reporter: After Jianying, I heard that you chased the male god in high school?
Jian Man smiled very confidently: No, it was me who was chased by others.
Reporter: After Jianying, I heard that your new play is relatively large…
Jian Man’s smile gradually cracked: No, no spoilers, please.
Reporter: After Jianying, you have worked so much with popular niches. Have you ever sparked love with anyone?

Jian Man’s smile is already stiff: no, no, it’s not me, don’t talk nonsense.
In the evening, when a certain movie queen came home,
President Lu smiled and held the spatula, “Others chasing you? The scale? The spark of love?”
Jian Man took a few steps back, “Old…husband, listen to me.”


Chapter 1: Sir, help me…
Chapter 2: Jian Man, this is what you asked for!
Chapter 3: Prenuptial Agreement?
Chapter 4: Mysterious Mr. Blank
Chapter 5: Turning the Peak
Chapter 6: Moving into a new house
Chapter 7: Picking up a small milk cat~
Chapter 8: The cat’s owner turned out to be…
Chapter 9: With Lu Yin Of course, eating?
Chapter 10: She became a free eater of “Dust Pavilion”?
Chapter 11: Making things difficult for the set
Chapter 12: Conflict
Chapter 13: Chen Ge’s Birthday Banquet (1)
Chapter 14: Chen Ge’s Birthday Banquet (2)
Chapter 15: Chen Ge’s Birthday Banquet (3)
Chapter 16: Refusal Lu Yinran
Chapter 17: Beaten
Chapter 18: Barefoot is not afraid of wearing shoes
Chapter 19: How come Lu Yinran comes to the set?
Chapter 20: Give me a real fight!
Chapter 21: Jian Man, I’m Hungry
Chapter 22: Jian Man, apologize!
Chapter 23: Black Fan Troubles
Chapter 24: Conquered by Acting Skills
Chapter 25: Jian Man Xiaohuo
Chapter 26: Unspoken Rules
Chapter 27: Jian Man, You Are Following Me Stubborn what?
Chapter 28: Lin Wei clarifies the truth about the unspoken rules
Chapter 29: Unwilling Shen Shanshan
Chapter 30: Thank you
Chapter 31: Beautiful misunderstanding
Chapter 32: Show a wave of friends