The wife who became the villain

The wife who became the villain
Other names: 穿成了反派的老婆
Author: Jincheng
Genre: Novel
Release: Unknown
Status: Chapter 143 Ongoing


Jiang Tang was a little unlucky.
She passed through. Her husband is the heinous villain of Otome Game. In the end, she was destroyed by the decent male protagonist because of the occupation of the female protagonist. It was very miserable.

In addition, his eldest son will be the future BOSS, his second son is a vicious male partner, and even the youngest daughter is a cunning, ignorant cannon fodder.
Jiang Tang is very anxious. If he is really the villain’s wife, then according to the plot, she will fall ill and die a year later.

Jiang Tang looked at the villain’s husband, rubbed his hands and said, “Brother, let’s get a divorce. The child belongs to you and the property belongs to me.”
Villain’s husband:? ? ?
My husband, son, and daughter are all villains.