9 Place to Visit Sapporo in Hokkaido, Japan

Sapporo is the capital city of Hokkaido which is the northern part of Japan. In the year 1857, Sapporo had only 7 people. Before being developed into the capital. Today Sapporo have population over 2 million people. This city is one of the newest cities in Japan and was chosen as the venue for the Winter Olympics in 1972 as well. The capital also has a variety of places to visit such as the Shiroi Koibito Chocolate Factory, Sapporo Beer Museum or Mount Moiwa and famous night view in Sapporo.

Where to go:

1. Hill of The Buddha

The Hill of the Buddha is tourist attraction of Sapporo located within the area of ​​the completed Makomanai Takino Cemetery and open viewing in late 2015. It is remarkable because it is a 13.5 meter Buddha statue weighing about 1,500 tons and covered with an underground circular dome. Surrounded by hundreds of lavender fields and will change different colors throughout the year according to the season. The area was designed by famous Japanese architect Tadao Ando.

2. Susukino

Susukino area (すすきの) is a collection of shopping, department stores Shop, sit, sit, drink, various restaurants, electronics stores and many more for you to enjoy shopping, such as BIG CAMERA, selling digital cameras, electrical appliances and electronics, shop 100 yen, UNIQLO shop selling teenage fashion clothes, MATSUMOTO KIYOSHI shop selling drugs and famous Japanese cosmetics.

3. Kokusai Sapporo Ski

Kokusai Sapporo Ski is the best quality and abundant volume of snow in Hokkaido. During winter season this place become popular for people who like sport come and play. Not only ski they also have many activities for people want to have fun with less adventure.

4. Sapporo Clock Tower

5. Former Hokkaido Governing Office Building

Farmer Hokkaido Governing Office Building is another place that should not be missed because of the beauty in this place is a building that build in Neo Baroque style which built entirely of red bricks. They build this similar building from the Government Building of the State of Massachusetts, USA. This red building has been the Hokkaido government office since 1886 and has been used continuously for 80 years before moving to new office.

6. Sapporo TV Tower

Sapporo TV Tower is a radio and television transmission tower located next to Exit 27 of the Odori Station. It was modeled after Tokyo Tower with a height of 147.2 meters where is a rotating festival held throughout the year. Therefore, the view when you looks down from the viewpoint is over 90 meters high and is the best spot to see the Sapporo White Illumination, where you can see the whole city illuminated by snow.

8. Shiroi Koibito Park

Shiroi Koibito Chocolate Factory is a famous original chocolate factory in Hokkaido. There are famous souvenir maker as Shiroi Koibito confectionery.

9. Sapporo Beer Museum

Sapporo Beer Museum has been officially opened since 1987. In the past, it used to be a distillery during the Meiji period. Later, it was improved and transformed into a Sapporo Beer Museum. The inside of the museum will introduce the history of beer in Japan.

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