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Union of Myanmar or Myanmar is the capital city of Yangon. Burma is a country in Southeast Asia. The specialty is. It is the only country in Southeast Asia. The border with the two countries. The great civilizations of the world are China and India. Originally, the West called Burma. Until 1989 Myanmar changed its name to Burma. The new name was accepted by the United Nations, but some nations, such as the United States and the United Kingdom. Do not accept this renaming. Because of the military renaming of the name change. Many people now use to call Myanmar. This is come from Myanma Naingngandaw, from the Burmese nationality, has no opinion on the military government. The word Myanmar. Translated from English into Myanmar, but the truth. The Burmese called their own country. Ma Ya / Myanmar Thai media often spelled Myanmar.

Zone of Myanmar
Burma’s territorial divisions are divided into seven regions. The majority of the population is ethnic Burmese and 7 states for areas where the majority of the population is ethnic minorities.

Burma economy
Agriculture is the main occupation. The agricultural areas are the Irrawaddy River Delta, the Siang River, the Dawei-Thrid River, rice paddies, jute canes, and other tropical plants.
Upper Petroleum has petroleum. Northeastern Minerals and Zinc Mining There are many diamonds and jade in southern Thailand. Exporting and selling along the Irrawaddy River to Yangon, developing industries in the lower areas such as Yangon and Myanmar, and Dawei are the major shipping industries of Burma.

Burmese culture has been influenced by Mon, Chinese, Indian and Thai traditions. As reflected in the language, music and food for Burmese art, it is influenced by the literature and Theravada Buddhism. From ancient times. At present, Burmese culture is more influenced by Western culture. This is evident from rural areas of the country. Dress Burmese women and men dressed in sarongs called Long Yee, the ancient dress called Lunatics.

In addition to the Burmese language The official language. Burma has 18 main languages ​​in use in the country. [4] It is divided into the following linguistic families: The Austro-Asiatic languages ​​include the Mon language, the Palang language, the Palang language, the Pak language (the standard accent of the Wa language), and the Waha language. The Chinese-Tibetan language is Burmese (official language), Karen language, Arakan language (Rakhine language), Nan language (Kachin) language and Akha language.
Tai language is spoken in Shan State and Kachin State. Thai Southern Thai, Central Thai and Isan Thai. There are speakers in Tanaosri. The Hmong-Mian family is Hmong and Yao (Mien).

Attractions by Districts from 7 region and 7 states as:

  1. Tanintharyi District
  2. Good Bago (Bago)
  3. Mandalay
  4. Magway
  5. Rangoon District (Yangon)
  6. Sagaing
  7. Ayeyarwady
  8. Kachin
  9. Kayah
  10. Kayin
  11. Shan
  12. Chin
  13. Mon
  14. Rakhine

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