Pangong Tso Lake, India

Pangong Tso, Tibetan for “high grassland lake”, also referred to as Pangong Lake, is an endorheic lake in the Himalayas. Pangong Lake is 700 square kilometers. It is located at the western end of Lahore. Jammu and Kashmir at an altitude of 4,267 meters above sea level. It is 134 km long and extends from India to China. One fourth of the lake is in Lahore, India. The remainder of the district of Tibet. It is the highest saltwater lake in the world.

It takes about 5 hours to travel from Leh. Pass the Changla Pass, which is 5490 meters above sea level, passing through to see the beautiful mountains. Chapel is also known as a colorful lake. It is influenced by the sun’s beam that reflects on the high-low peaks in the back as a fortress that surrounds the lake. As a result, the color of the water in the lake is jumbled to the light of the sun. From the crystal clear morning. Green Turquoise Blue And dark blue in the evening. It is also known as the Lake of Peace, clear and endless.

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