Yoneori Museum in Yonezawa, Japan

Yonezawa (Yoneori Osharekan Yonezawa Textile Museum) is a textile production facility located in the northern of Japan. The “Yoneori Museum” located near the Uesugi Shrine exhibits colorful dyes. At this place you will find hand-weaving machines and workmanship from the past. There are also various products on sale as souvenir such as kimono, obi-hakama straps, business card holders, pen, boxes, necktie, bookmark and much more which including especially popular products like colorful silk scarves dyed with safflower and also have rental service on 2-part of kimono. This is divided into the lower part and upper part (for women only) but you needs to booked at least 2 days in advance. There will be helpers dressing up with the kimono which will only take about 5 minutes to wear. So let’s dress a kimono in Yonezawa and strolling in various when have tourist attractions in nearby area such as Uesugi Shrine.

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