18 Place to Visit in Ladakh, India

Ladakh is a region of Jammu and Kashmir which is in the northernmost state of India. This place is near the border China with an area of more than 86,909 square kilometers. The largest city in Ladakh is Leh. At Leh city is the most tourist center and many traveler visit there because it’s fully of equipped that tourist can come and visit such as airport, accommodation, shops, restaurants and tour companies.

Leh is the capital city of Ladakh in Kashmir region, India. This place also have another name call “Little Tibet”. The reason that people called little Tibet because there is a mixture of Tibetan culture as a variety of ethnicity, including Tibet, Indian, white-Pakistani and some people from China.

When you want to visit Ladakh should travel between April to September becausethis place is located very high ground and winter season is more than 6 months since October to May. The coldest month is between December to February. In this period on the route will be covered with snow and weather less than -20 degrees and shops, restaurants, accommodation will be closed.

How to get there:

You can take flight from New Delhi to reach at Leh Ladakh direct or drive car to this place. The distance from New Delhi to Leh Ladakh is almost 1000 km which is long day by drive a car.

There are many attractions that you can visit in Leh Ladak such as….

1.Thikse Monastery

Thikse Monastery in the East of Leh-Ladakh, India. Thiksey is a unique temple located on a hill with beautiful landscapes. This temple was founded in the 15th century as a Buddhist temple. (Galilee) is the same as the Dalai Lama of Tibet. This is a replica of the Tibetan Potala Palace. Inside the temple is the image of Sri Krishna Methati and many lama. Time to build up to 2 years together.

2. Diskit Monastery in the Nubra Valley

Diskit Monastery also known as Deskit Gompa or Diskit Gompa. It is belongs to the Gelugpa sect of Tibetan Buddhism. This temple is the largest and oldest temple of the in the Nubra Valley of Ladakh, northern India. Located on the hill is a beautiful view. Inside, there is a Sri Ari Methita, a large, tall, prominent Visible from the Nouveau Valleys.

3. Leh Ladakh Market

This market have all kind of products that you need from traditional products to general products. Not only goods also have restaurants, cafe, foods and drinks that you may want to try at this market.

4. Shanti Stupa

Shanti Stupa or Peace Pagoda is a large white pagoda by Japan which located on the top of the hill in Jung Jang Spa. This created for evangelism and represents world peace. This Stupa is about 2 kilometers from Leh town. We can walk up the stairs to see this pagoda or take a car. At this point can see Leh city.

5. Leh Palace

Leh Palace located in Namgyal Hill in Leh. It is a unique 9th-century Leh town. At the centered of palace was built in the 17th century with an architectural style close to the Potala Palace in Tibet. You can see the magnificent views of Leh and surrounding area. As Leh Palace is a former royal palace overlooking the Ladakhi Himalayan town and also Modelled on the Potala Palace in Lhasa of Tibet. The palace was built by King Senngge Namgyal.

6. Hemis Gompa

Hemis Temple (Hemis Gompa) is red hat Lama Wicca Temple. The temple is a Himalayan Buddhist monastery. The monastery in this temple was re-established in year 1672 by the Ladakhi king. Sengge Namgyal also the founders of this temple. At Hemis Gompa has an annual Hemis festival honouring to Padmasambhava. This will held in early June each year.

7. Nubra Valley

Nubra Valley are three armored valleys that located at northeast of Ladakh Valley. Diskit is the capital city of Nubra and about 150 km from Leh city. Ladakh district of India. Local scholars say that the original name od this place is Ldumra (Valley of Flowers). At Shyok River meets Nubra River (Siachan) for create large valley at this place and they’re separates Ladakh and Karakoram area.

8. Magnetic Hill

Magnetic Hill is an example of gravitational hill which is a illusion type that created from higher and lower terrain. The hill located at the northwest edge (the Magnetic Hill Area of Moncton city in New Brunswick, Canada). The general area is the base of ridge named “Mountain Lute” which is several hundred feet high over the Petitcodiac River Valley.

9. Namgyal Tsemo Monastery

Namgyal Tsemo or Namgyal Tsemo Gompa is a monastery in Leh Ladakh district which was founded in 1430 by His Majesty King Tashi Namgyal from Ladakh. There are three golden statues of gods and Mary with manuscripts and ancient murals.

10. Pangong lake

The lake is known as the Himalayan Eye with saltwater lake that is the highest in the world. This place located at a height of 4,350 meters and have blue turquoise color and the temperature with sunset all the time.

11. Tso Moriri Lake

Tso Moriri (Lake Moriri or Mountain Lake) is a lake in Ladakh area and this area is the golden elephant plateau in Jammu and Kashmir. The lakes and around Tso Moriri Lake are protected as the Tso Moriri Mangrove Forest Reserve for safety.

12. Tsokar Lake

13. Hemis Monastery

14. Shey Monastery

15. Stok Palace Heritage

16. Changla Pass

17. Zanskar River Rafting

18. Lamayru Monastery

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