The Ganges River in Varanasi, India

The Ganges River (गंगा, Ganges, Ganga, แม่น้ำคงคา) is an important river of India. The Hindu holy river. Originating in northern India. Himalayan region Flowing through the northeastern part of India to the east. And together with the Brahmaputra in Bangladesh. Before it runs out in the Bay of Bengal. The Ganges River is approximately 2,510 kilometers long.

Brahmanisms believe in bathing. It is believed that the Ganges, especially in the port city of Varanasi is very sacred. Brahmans take to bathe at least 2 times a day, morning and evening, it is considered a sin to do in the day, wash with a bath in the evening. The sins made at night can be washed by taking a bath in the morning. It is believed that the tides in the sacred Ganges are believed to have flowed through the head of Shiva down the Ganges River at Varanasi. It is the place of all Indians in those days.

Now it is still trustworthy and still believe that. Whoever dies and burns in the water of Varanasi swept the bones of the Ganges, believed to have gone to heaven. The richest people to plant a house left on the banks of the Ganges. When I was sick, I thought I would not survive, and my relatives would bring me home at the river. It would be easy to burn at the river and sweep down the river.

When the Buddha was enlightened. He had conversed with the Brahmins who bathed in the Ganges for baptism. If you want to baptize, there is no need to bathe in the Ganges. To purify your body, to purify your body, to purify your physical body, to speak your mind, and to act in good faith. If you behave in good faith, even drinking water, ordinary water, will become sacred. Also, if the water in the Ganges can baptize and actually bring down to bathing heaven, then the shrimp shellfish. It is more likely to go to heaven than to live in the river.

The river is begin from Gangotri Glacier, Nanda Kot, Nantara Devi, Satopanth Glacier, Gediminas Peak, Gamet, Trisul.

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