Kagoshima City, Japan

Kagoshima or 鹿児島 located at the southern tip of Kyushu Island. There are Satsuma and Okazama encircling Kagoshima Palace and a small island. Many of them are the most polluted cities like Okinawa but pollution is not caused by human hands. Kagoshima Prefecture of Kyushu in Japan has warm climate and abundant natural. Also people known as Yakushima Island and Amami Oshima’s with natural world heritage. The volcanic island on the eastern end of the bay. It has a height of over 1,120 meters and been in prison since year 1955. More than 5,000 explosions have been caused by rain ash. In a 10 km radius of Sakurajima Crater. The Sakurajima volcano is located near the city.

Kagoshima is the city center and the largest city of Kagoshima Prefecture, Japan. In the west side and south part of Kew Chu Island. Kagoshima has another nickname as “Naples of the East” with the geography of the bay and similar parts in Naples with hot weather.

Kagoshima City have many interest place for visit such as:

  1. Kagoshima Castle
  2. Ishibashi Park
  3. Terukuni jinja Shine
  4. Sengan-en Garden
  5. Saigo Takamori Statue
  6. Xavier Park
  7. Chiran Peace Museum for Kamikaze Pilots
  8. Chiran Bukeyashiki Teien
  9. Takachiho Farm
  10. Sogi Waterfall Park
  11. Kanoya Bara Park
  12. JAXA Uchinoura Space Center
  13. Tanegashima Space Center
  14. Kanoya Air Base Museum
  15. Kagoshima Aquarium
  16. Kagoshimashi Hirakawadobutsu Park
  17. Museum of the Meiji Restoration
  18. Yakushima Fruit Garden
  19. Kagomma Furusato Yataimura
  20. Ibusuki Onsen
  21. Kirishima Onsenkyo Villiage
  22. Kagoshima Bay
  23. Kaimondake volcano
  24. Arimura Lava Observatory
  25. Lake Ikeda

How to travel from Tokyo to Kagoshima city:

  • If from Tokyo to Kagoshima by Shinkansen train. It’s takes about 7 hours and half. ①【Tokyo Station】(Tokaido Shinkansen) →【Shin-Osaka】(Sanyo · Kyushu Shinkansen Mizuho / Sakura)→【Kagoshima Chūō Station】 or ②【Tokyo Station】(Tokaido・Sanyo Shinkansen) →【Hakata】(Kyushu Shinkansen Sakura / Tsubame) →【Kagoshima-Chūō Station】
  • From Haneda Airport to Kagoshima Airport by plane besides JAL airline and ANA airline also have low cost airlines as Skymark airline. It takes about 2 hours from Haneda Airport to Kagoshima Airport. Prices are about 8,000 yen to more.
  • From Narita Airport to Kagoshima Airport by plane can use the cheap airline service called Jet Star is convenient. It takes about 2 hours 15 minutes. Price around ¥ 7,000 yen.

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