Sujata Stupa in Gaya, India

Sujata Garh or Sujata Stupa Temple is house for Mrs. Suchada’s in Gaya city, India. This house is not far from Bodh Gaya (Mahabodhi Temple) and approximately 8 kilometres away.

On the way to visit the house of Mrs. Suchada have to ride a car through the Neranraya River. When you ride to this area will see only dry sand in the winter and when raining season will see a lot of water.

After ride to this place, we will encounter a large brick pile which is the pile of bricks was the location of Mrs. Suchada’s house. The person who presented the rice and milk for cooked before Buddha enlightenment at that time.

Sujata Kuti as it has huge significance in Lord Buddha’s life and build for the memory of Sujata (the tribal women who offered kheer to a starving Gautam Buddha).

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