Wat Souvannapoumaram Temple or Wat Mai in Luang Prabang, Laos

Wat Souvannapoumaram Temple or Wat Maior a new temple located in Sri Sawang Wong next to Royal Palace. It’s was built in the year 2337 or the short name ‘new temple’ which used to be the residence of the Buddha. The last pontiff of Laos and it was enshrined. In the reign of King Rama V until the year 1894. Some of the temple are made in the royal hall from inside the palace. The temple has a beautiful temple with U-shaped art and now used as a school of scripture.

The main building is the sim which is formed by combining things together called a hybrid. This sim is decorated with bleached words like Luang Prabang. The roof has overlapping layers of Chiang Khwang and has two necks, Tai Lue. As for the rectum, there is a pattern that shows the various forms of art and mixed together such as engraved angels holding a bouquet of ylang-ylang flowers according to the popular style in Lao art.

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