Château de Chenonceau in France

Let’s travel together to Château de Chenonceau Palace. This castle is beautiful and area near river. This is most elegant castle that can be found in neighborhood of France and located in the Loire Valley area and on the right side is Cher River.

This castle has been built for hundreds years ago. From the recording in indicate was created since the 16th century. The side of castle building plan to focus on beautiful architecture and primarily according to French style. The character of the castle is very interesting in terms of construction and location because the castle looks like float above the water and beautiful flower garden around the building. They have many materiel with values price and idea are displayed inside Château de Chenonceau. There are many old furniture from age to age with a lot of historic inside and many paintings displayed.

This castle or palace originally was around year 1411 until later in year 1430 before catch fire. The they been build new castle and this building build by King François 1 because the owner of that time had owed a lot of royal debt. After King François 1 died and the famous legend story of this castle began because God Henri II gave this castle to Diyan de Poitiy who favorite thus causing much discontent for Catherine de Medici. Until finally when Henri II died and Catherine forced Danyan de Poitiy to exchange this castle with Chaumont Castle. After that the castle was renovated to become a very beautiful castle.

Today, this castle has opened to tourists to visit and various rooms decorations are different that before. With emphasis on decoration in Renaissance style furniture but still have rooms of Catherine consort, Danyan de Poitiya, the room of King François 1, the kitchen, the dining room. Also black room that been use by the goddess Henri 3rd. Outside the palace there are 2 distinctive gardens which are the garden on the left side from Queen Catherine and the right side with beautiful fountain from Dejan de Poitiya.

Château de Chenonceau palace open daily from 9:00 am until 5:00 pm but during the summer season from March on wards until September will open longer to 20:00 pm.

The Château de Chenonceau castle is located in Touraine Cher River and about 214 kilometers from Paris. If you travel from Paris take the TGV from Paris Montparnasse to Saint-Pierre-des-corps then continue by TER Chenonceaux. Take about 25 minutes to the palace.

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