Chinese Fishing Nets in Kerala, India

Chinese Fishing Nets created by Chinese explorer, Zheng He, Chinese Fishing Nets are one of the unique and unusual methods, used for fishing. Chinese Fishing Nets (Cheena vala) are a type of stationary lift net in India. They are fishing nets that are fixed land installations for fishing.

Basically these are shore operated lift nets, approximately 20m high, put up on teak and bamboo poles. The entire structure is a fixed land installation and each net is handled by a group of six men. Set up on the bamboo teaks these are held horizontally with the help of huge mechanisms which are lowered into the sea. Further, for fishing these nets are descended into the sea for few minutes until they are lifted with big fishes.

Even today many local fishermen use these enormous nets in their fishing endeavors. Most importantly, one should not forget to take pictures of these amazingly structured nets and its picturesque surrounding. Located near the Fort Cochin on Vasco da Gama Square, these Chinese Fishing Nets are just few kilometers away from the main Kochi town and can conveniently be accessed by available buses and taxis from main city.

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