Im Bun Restaurant at Wat Thampathip Temple in France

Im Bun restaurant at Wat Thampathip Temple is open all day from 9.00 am – 20.00 pm. At the Thai-cafeteria have many Thai foods such as: Pad Thai, Sticky rice with papaya salad, Sticky rice with fried chicken, banana fried, coffee, Oolong tea, Fresh orange juice and many more. When you cam visit this place or near by you can enjoy some Thai foods in here.

At Wat Thammapathip International Temple (Bienvenue sur Wat Thammapathip International) locate at Château de Lugny 243 rue des Marronniers, 77550 Moissy-Cramayel, France and Télephone is (+33) 01 64 88 94 55.

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