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Kusinaga or Kushinagar (कुशीनगर, کُشی نگر) located at Tam Kyu Gur, Kusinagar, Deva, or Devi, Uttar Pradesh, India. Kushinagar is home to one of the top four places in the modern era, one of the two cities of Mashhad. It is opposite the river with the city of Pava. It is the site of Sala Forest Park or Forest where the Lord Buddha went out to extinction and was the place of Lord Buddha. The name is local. Ma Ta Kung Wakaigok, which means Prince of Death Parish.

Kusinara in the modern era. The temple extinction In the park in the modern era. Kusinara City The site of the park is in the region of Malaya 1 in 16 regions, which is a modern Buddhist city. In those days, Mali was divided into two parts: the north, Kusinara was the capital. The governor called it “Kosikarga” and the southern part of the city is Pavel. The ruler called. The two cities are located only 12 kilometers away, with the Hiranyanawadee River in the middle. Kusinara compared with other regions in the modern era. It is a small region. Not very important in the economy.

The place of Lord Buddha’s extinction is in the royal park of Kandahar. The park is a forest. The forest is located near the river Hirunwadi. It is a shady forest. After the extinction of the Buddha. The King of Malaya Buddha was located in Kusinara for more than 7 days before the ceremony of offering the royal funeral pyre. The Lord Buddha chose this small city of Kushinagar as a place of extinction for many reasons. It is known that when He extinction. Your physique and relics will be scattered throughout the region. If he extinction in the city. These large cities may not share the relics of small towns such as Kusinara, etc. It is true that after the Buddha extinction. The rulers of the various regions have raised their army to surround the city of Kusinara to compete for the relics. But with Kusinara is a small town. The war must be suspended by dividing the relics of all cities without the war.

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