Wat Chantharangsi Temple in Angthong Province, Thailand

Wat Chantharangsi Temple is open daily from 8.00 am – 5.00 pm. and no holiday.

Wat Chantharangsi Temple is located in Ban Na, Mu 9, Hua Phai Sub-district, Mueang Angthong province. This temple straddles both sides of the road. On one side, there is a sacred Buddha image called Luangpho Yok (Monk name) and other side, at the shrine hall is Luangpho Sod (Monk name). The statue of Buddhist monk is gold metal with 6 meters 9 inches width and 9.9 meters height. This statue was constructed in year 1996.

Anyone who pass to Angthong Province and would like to pray for “good health, fresh life and body”. You may come here and visit. This temple you can make a pray from Luangpho Sod (Monk Name) is Buddha image for pray and make a wish blessings about sickness, health and money.

Luang Pho Yok is Buddha statue on meditation art of the late Ayutthaya period around 300 years old that enshrined in the temple. This Buddha image for pray and make a wish blessings to not willing without suffering and disease. Also there is a free vegetarian food for Buddhists on Saturday and Sunday at Sala Virat Kanchana Sakka Sopan.

How to get there:

  • drive from the Asian Highway intersection, turn into Amphoe Mueang district for approximately 1 kilometer. The temple is located in 1 kilometer from a sign showing the way to the temple.

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