Dune Bashing in Jaisalmer, India

Dune Bashing in Jaisalmer isstands on the edge of the Thar Desert, opening up the expanses of golden sands as far as the eye can see for tourists to explore. The every-shifting sand dunes are a beauty and mystery that lures tourists from far ends of the globe. Dune bashing in Jaisalmer is one of the slowly getting popular sports in Rajasthan. The incomparable beauty of the desert opens up in front of your eyes, while the roller coaster ride gives you plenty to spike your adrenalin.

One of the thrilling adventure activities in Rajasthan, dune bashing in Jaisalmer is one of the reasons for the ever-growing numbers to the desert city. Gear up for an unforgettable ride in the Thar Desert. Ride 4X4 SUVs as they travel through the shifting sand dunes. Add to it, the thrilling experience of camping in the desert and you have memories for a lifetime.

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