Sonsmarg in Jammu-Kashmir, India

Sonsmarg mean word “Sona” means gold “Mark” means that the route. In the past, this route was a legendary trading route, or so called. Silk Road, due to its beautiful terrain, offers beautiful views. On both sides of the trip you will see a snow-covered mountain. In contrast to the large walnut trees planted on both sides, this trail is 2,690 meters above sea level.

Sonsmarg (Sonsmarg) location in Jammu-Kashmir India’s Sonata Mark is about 80 kilometers from Srinagar. Sona Mark is a field of gold. This magnificent scenic spot is 80 km west of Srinagar and on the route between Srinagar and Leh. This area of ​​the Soma Valley is covered by pure white glaciers. The snow mountains reflect the golden sunshine. It is the origin of the name Sonar. The Sena Mark has several camping spots and there are many hiking trails at altitude. It is an activity for horse riders, wilderness meadows and snow hills. Beautiful Travel Season during April – October each years.

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