The story of Henna.

What is Henna?
Henna and other common names such as Alcana, Cypress shrub, Henna Tree, Inai, Kok khau, Madayanti, Mehadi, Mignonotte tree, Mong Tay, Lali, Reseda, Sinamomo etc.

Henna or the Thai people, known as Tien Yad, India, Egypt and Sudan, are the world’s major sources of candles. Henna has been used in the decoration of hair and body colors for thousands of years. Herbs, dyed gray hair, Just Herbs contain henna from good quality planting sources. With various herbs to nourish hair and scalp, such as Indigo or Indigo Indigo, Tamarind puree, Pomdiwai, Kameng, Tamarind Chaba carpet, Aloe Vera With the secret formula of Just Hearb, it can get many colors such as brown sugar, sparkling red, brown, orange, dark brown, natural black and dark black.

Properties and benefits of candles

  1. Flowers used as medicine to treat jaundice (flowering)
  2. The root is used to treat epilepsy (root).
  3. Flower (headache)
  4. Root is used as a cure for sore eyes (root).
  5. The leaves are used as antipyretics (leaves).
  6. The candle leaves are fresh or dried, boiled and kept for water, used as a mouthwash and throat. Will help relieve sore throat (leaves)
  7. Boiled water, fresh or dried leaves or soft shoots when used to drink will help solve diarrhea and cure diarrhea in children as well (leaves, shoots)
  8. Helps to cure stomach pain (leaves)
  9. The leaves are used as a twist cure. Abnormal stomach (leaves)
  10. Roots and leaves are used as diuretics (roots, leaves).
  11. Root, flower, and candles are the menstrual period of women (root, flower, effect).
  12. Help to treat venereal disease (leaves)
  13. Fresh leaves have a astringent taste. Helps to cure lymphatic waste (leaves)
  14. Early bark helps drive lymphatic waste in leprosy (bark).
  15. Fresh leaves are used to help lower blood stains (leaves).
  16. Use fresh leaves or dried leaves to bring to boil. Keep only water. Use water to wash or apply to heal wounds, fresh wounds, burns, scalded wounds, swelling, bruises, purulent wounds, inflammatory wounds, swollen pus. Neutralize burning pain (leaves)
  17. Boiled water, fresh leaves or dried leaves Use water to wash or treat skin diseases Skin inflammation, treatment of abscesses (leaves)
  18. It is reported that the candle leaves have the effect of killing fungi and bacteria. Has a fungicide effect and pus infection which causes eczema (leaves)
  19. Nail polish remedy, nail polish remover, nail art, bruising, nails as a wound, nails, pus Resolve pain in fingers and toes To use fresh leaves of the candle, bring it to mix with fresh turmeric or turmeric rhizomes. And moderately salt Or may use fresh leaves mixed with liqueur Another method is to use about 20-30 fresh leaves that are washed and then thoroughly pounded. Take cooked rice into a lump of thumb To burn the fire to some parts, black as charcoal Total pounding, add a little salt, then bring the mask to the area where it will disappear (leaves).