Xitou Monster Village in Taiwan

Xitou Monster Village (溪頭妖怪村) or people call ghost village. It is a simulation of ancient Japanese market created since 2011. To make customers feel the atmosphere of ancient Japan. There are various shops. Whether it is a coffee shop. Japanese Sweets Souvenir Shop Souvenir Shop In addition, guests can also take pictures of the statue with the Tengu statue of the forest.

How to get there:

  • By bus ride from HSR Taichung and Gancheng Station (Taichung). Shuttle bus between Xitou and Sun Moon Lake is also available. To buy a Xitou – Sun Moon Lake Pass NT $ 630
  • Includes bus from Taichung – Sun Moon Lake / Taichung – Xitou / Sun Moon Lake – Xitou and access to the Xitou Nature Education Area.

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