9 Place must visit in London city

London is the city of England and has many interesting place to visit. Many place would like to come to the city and see their place and culture. As we know that this country has style that not same as other place. This is some place that when you stop by at this city and want to see.

  1. London city is city that an important center of business, politics, culture and history of the world. Leadership in finance, politics, communication, entertainment, fashion, art and world-wide recognition. It is also a major tourist destination of Europe.
  2. Piccadilly Circus was originally a circus at the confluence of 6 streets with fountains and the central Eros statue with connect to Chinatown. Central London Community of Greater London.
  3. Trafagal Square is place that surround by interesting buildings. They have more than three building that you will see on different shape and style.
  4. St.Paul’s Cathedral is dome and the second largest in the world of church. Many Royal wedding ceremony was held between this place of Charles also when Lady Diana Spencer ceremony use this place as well.
  5. Westminster Abbe is seat of the British Parliament since the beginning of the 16th century and have memory with history in.
  6. Big Ben has the 320 foots high with set up the clock during the 24 hours. It is the world’s largest watch.
  7. London Eye is Highest Ferris wheel in Europe which located on the opposite side of the River Thames and the site of the Ferris wheel. London eye is main focus place that tourism want to take photo and look around the city.
  8. Tower Bridge that stay over the River Thames. You can walk around from opposite side to another street. This bridge also near Big Ben, London Eye and subway that connect to another shopping area.
  9. Tower of London is place at the scene of the historic grave with great bloody or even complicated and have long history. It was a fortress, a castle, a prison and a death row. Today is a museum which is a group of buildings and towers. Imperial is the world’s second largest diamond, The Star of Africa 2, or Cullinan 2, and the crown of Queen Elizabeth. The coin is the largest diamond in the world and the last piece of the world’s largest diamond goblet with Star of Africa 1 or Caliberan 1.

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