Kyaikpawlaw Pagoda in Kantkaw Township, Myanmar

Kyaikpawlaw Buddha or Kyaik Paw Law Pagoda (ကျိုက်ပေါလောဘုရား) located in Kyaikhto, Kantkaw Township in Mon State, Myanmar. Kyaikpawlaw Buddha Image is well-known because of the living mole on the face of the Buddha image. While visiting Kyaikhtiyo can plan to visit the astonishing image. It is more convenient to go to Kyaikpawlaw Hmeshindaw Pagoda after visiting Kyaikhtiyoe. “Hmeshin” means living mole. The pagoda is said to possess great influence because the image enshrined in it has a mole on its face. Every year, there is a festival held in the name of this Buddha image. Locals from all parts of the country visit the mysterious image with the moving mole.

What are five astonishing facts about image of Kyaikpawlaw?

  1. The eyes of the image are lively.
  2. The image was moved by elephants, horses, and men but was not able to move.
  3. The image is said to be floating on water.
  4. No matter how many times, the mole on the Buddha’s face is offered with gold foil, it never fades away.
  5. The image is always facing to the region where Sri Lanka exists.

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