Linz City, Austria

Linz is the capital of Nieder-Österreich and become the third largest city in Austria.The located of this city is almost exactly between Vienna and Salzburg. Linz has definitely solved the problem of the old and the new living together in perfect harmony in over the past few decades, great pains have been taken to preserve the authentic feeling of the historic Old Town Quarter with its elegant and superbly restored patrician houses in the large pedestrian zone. This and the many other attractions in the city center bear witness to the past glory and present beauty of Linz.

Anton Bruckner was closely associated with Linz and is one of Austria’s foremost composers. For many years, the man affectionately known as “God’s Musician,” lived and composed in Linz, where he played the organ at the magnificent Old Cathedral (Alter Dom). It is quite an experience for music lovers to visit the magnificent St. Florian Abbey outside Linz, and enjoy the serene atmosphere of the monastery, where Bruckner once sang in the famous St. Florian Boys” Choir. The composer is buried beneath the “Bruckner Organ”. Every September, Linz dedicates its most important musical festival to Bruckner: for three weeks, Linz becomes the center of Austrian music and culture, presenting some of the world’s most important orchestras, soloists, and conductors.

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