Mae Charim National Park in Nan, Thailand

In the district runs Nan, about 60 kilometers away from the town along the highway in 1168 and 1243, with an area of 270,000 acres or 432 square kilometers. Topography is mountainous complex a source of water that flows into the Nan River at Wiang Sa. Rainforest dipterocarp forest and mixed forest. There are many wild animals

The element of the park is a steep mountain runs. The forest is still intact. Wa and runs through the west of the area, a distance of 7.5. Kilometers, making natural features Both forest and river for cultural activities such as.

Using a rubber raft rafting (vessels of up to 8 people) beginning with the National Park runs. The end (Elephant), a distance of about 12 kilometers in 2 hours and ends at Ban Hat Rai. Distance of about 15 kilometers and takes three hours along the rapids. The adventure and swim more than 10 rapids sides of the beaches and forests rich with natural rock garden and a beautiful valley along the route to rafting throughout the year. Except flood Rafting is not appropriate because it could easily be dangerous.
View driving directions Ban Nam Phang – Home ruler.

The province highway number 1259 (Ban Nam Pang – home protector), 25 kilometers off the ridge through a forest rich along the way. Parking overlooking the valley and the village of morning mist. The sun sets at several points. Path between the Ranger runs at 1 (Turtle Creek) is located a home and place tents for end to visit the cultural village of the Thailand hill tribe and development projects for consistency Nan River Basin. Due to the initiative.

The former route of transport between home protector to Ban Huay Sai. The beginning of the Gulf, home protector Chapin meets the river. Distance of about 12 kilometers along the along the river through the rainforest and mixed forest between the lines to find ivory paint small natural caves and cliffs, beautiful trees. A walking path in the past, the villagers ruler. Distance of about 8 kilometers along the ridge, through a verdant forest with pine forest and mixed deciduous forest interspersed some can see a variety of birds. Cool mist mountains and beautiful trees along the route, it takes about 5 hours.

“Rock Bud” shoot pin or rod-shaped limestone mountain with a height of 824 meters above sea level. Assumed to be caused by the collapse of the ground surrounding foothills. A slope of nearly 90 degrees, ideal for travelers who like trekking and climbing. If the capacity to peak overlooking the beautiful sides. Bud was found in cliff caves that are home to bats and chamois the ancient cliff paintings found a similar geometry and pregnant women appear. Distance to – back about eight kilometers and takes about 6 hours.

HRH Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn. Lifestyle His study of the nature of this route on 29 November 2542 and found the same genus hibiscus flowers. Pink purple flowers 2-3 cm. King called “Wild Hibiscus” (Urena lobata) and walk a distance of about 2 kilometers from the National Park is a band around the end of the beach along the river. Through dipterocarp forest and mixed Station Nature Interpretation 9 stations including dipterocarp fire replacement erosion (EROSION) lend Trinity Peng Experience the different borders of the forest (ECOTONE) and “Sai” Saint of wild killer brutally respectively viewpoint. of the river and several mountain Takes approximately 1.5 hours.

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