Shinjuku Area in Tokyo, Japan

Shinjuku is another important shopping center of Tokyo. In the past, this was only a waste area of ​​the city. At present, Shinjuku is the center of a wide range of products, all kinds of goods such as clothing, brands, IT equipment, electrical appliances, second hand goods, drug stores and also nightlife and restaurants. Shinjuku Station is also known as the busiest station in the world.

Department stores in Shinjuku
Shinjuku has everything you need from Fashion products, electrical appliances, goods such as souvenirs. Shinjuku is therefore considered one of the best shopping destinations in Tokyo. There are many shopping malls and shopping centers located. Regardless of where you can walked and find famous brands or stores that you need. Finding the desired item is no longer a difficult matter. Moreover, many stores which provides tax exemption services or organizes periodic price reductions.

Appliances and home decor in Shinjuku
Japan has furniture, interior decorations and many good quality electrical appliances in Shinjuku area. This is a shopping center that everything is ready, regardless of what you are looking for. At an affordable electronics store like BicCamera and Yodobashi Camera. You can buy electronics and small devices for people who love simple designs. Muji shop is one that recommendations store. There are also available at the Dong Quijote store, which combines all kinds of discounted products like a large maze will find unexpected and inexpensive items.

Restaurants and drinks cafe in Shinjuku
Shinjuku is a source of food from Japanese food to food from many countries around the world. Able to search for food according to taste or budget. Try to choose the shop according to your favorite style from these stores such as cozy atmosphere cafes, casual casual restaurants, izakaya-style liquor stores and high-class restaurants, etc. Shinjuku may have the image of a modern large city. But there are old shops such as “Tsunahachi Tempura Restaurant (founded in 1924)” and “Takano Fruit Parlor (founded in 1885)” although the era has changed. These restaurants and cafes have always been loved by everyone as well-known as for providing excellent quality food.

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