Doi Tung Mountain in Chiang Rai, Thailand

Doi Tung Built with the riches of His. A combination of Lanna architecture with traditional log house native Switzerland. Works by ceremony to highlight the simplicity and use it well. Outside the palace bursting with fresh flowers, winter, beautiful trees and fresh all year round. Mae Fah Luang Garden A winter flower garden built in 2535 on approximately 12 acres near the Doi Tung. But the conversion of tens of thousands of flower varieties flower variety. Renewable and durable 3-season garden with sculptures in children who have been conferred the title. “Continuity” Current Mae Fah Luang Garden was extended an additional 13 acres of rock gardens, water gardens. And ornamental gardens Total area of ​​Mae Fah Luang Garden is 25 acres.

Mae Fah Luang Arboretum at Doi Chang 2535, Moody’s Mae Fah Luang Foundation has created an area of ​​250 acres Arboretum at Doi Chang Moody’s by collecting native plants and rare wild plants as sources of. many Moreover, especially Rhododendron. Also the queen tiger the Multicolored flowers leaves all year round. There tract traverses the hillside with spectacular trees and flowers, a picnic pavilion, courtyard, sit back and relax. Balcony overlooking the territory of Myanmar to the Mekong River in Laos. And a pop called “the will” which means a heart of a dying grandmother pour representatives to the poor. Like water flowing from the summit to the plain and seamless. Phra That Doi Tung Pathom Chedi in Lanna Built in 1454 and put his left hand Rakkwany. (Collarbone) of the Buddha Enshrined on the high peaks of the Cordillera her sleep. Away from the palace along the old line about 7 miles or 12 kilometers along the new lines. The temple of Doi Tung, is a satyr. Which is believed to be the abode of a satyr and the preservation of the sacred relics.

Tribe village Doi Tung Development Project area includes 26 villages of ethnic minorities, including several large Chinese Haw Thailand hill tribe Akha and Lahu tribes. Each village has a different cultural identity. These people come to work and vocational training to the project. Make the income and quality of life better, but they still maintain the traditions of the tribe as well. Ceremony and celebration of tribal amazing all year.

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