Eastern Part of Thailand Travel Guide Information

The eastern region is a sub-region in the east of Thailand. Formerly considered part of the central region located on the eastern coast of the Gulf of Thailand. It is another region that has economic significance. Since it is a source of fruit and gem industry in the country.

In the eastern part, there are hundreds of thousands of attractions such as Pattaya and Rayong and the east coast from Chon Buri to Trat. It is an interesting beach destination in Thailand. This area surrounded by beautiful nature. There are many islands, beaches and full offacilities. It is considered a pleasure and an impression that can be found here. In addition, in the eastern part there is still a source of ancient history.

There are 6 provinces in the east part of Thailand as follow:

  1. Chanthaburi
  2. Chon Buri
  3. Trat
  4. Prachin Buri
  5. Rayong
  6. Sa Kaeo

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