Tiruvalla Temple in Kerala, India

Tiruvalla Temple is one of the most attractive regions of Kerala, famed for her exotic backwaters, Alappuzhab is also known for her diverse animal life. However, perhaps the most important feature of the region is her temples which are renowned not just in the state but all around India.

Another important temple of the region is the Tiruvalla Temple- Alappuzha, which is visited by thousands of pilgrims every year.

The Tiruvalla Temple in Alappuzha is revered by faithful from all across the country. Established in the pre-Christian era, the temple is dedicated to Lord Vishnu. However a number of other shrines are also present in the temple, some of which are dedicated to other deities of Hinduism.

Tiruvalla Temple located just 3 kilometers away from the Thiruvalla Railway Station, the Tiruvalla Temple or the Sree Vallabha Temple as it is also known is easily accessible from all parts of the state.

The architecture of the temple showcases the ancient Hindu style of planning and construction. The walls of the temple are adorned with murals, which provide glimpses into some of the religious doctrines that form the basis of Hinduism. One of the most important aspects of the temple is the presence of a natural tank that is considered to be extremely holy. Another important attraction in the temple is its 50 feet tall flag-staff that is said to have a base that touches the water-table of the area. Made of granite, the flag-staff is made even more unique by the presence of a statue of Garuda, the Supernatural half-man and half-bird vehicle or bearer of Lord Vishnu.

The temple which generally remains inaccessible to women allows their entry only on two days which include Vishnu and Thiruvathira. Besides this, the most important festival of the temple is the annual festival of Uthraseeveli that is celebrated during the Makayiram asterism in Meenam (March – April).

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