Chachoengsao City Pillar Shrine, Thailand

During the reign of King Nung Klao Chao Yu Hua (King Rama III), between the years 1833-1847, there was dispute involving the Thais and Vietnamese struggling to be in command of Cambodia; leading to a war “Arnam Siam Yutt”. For this reason, Chachoengsao is an important outpost, assisting the protection of the city from Vietnamese intruders. His majesty King Rama III, assigned Krom Luang Ruk Ron Na Rech as leader in the moving of Chachoengsao’s City Hall from Pak Mae Nam Chao Loh to Baan Tha Kai, which is located on the opposite side of the river in the district of Chachoengsao, alongside river Bang Pa Kong. Besides, his majesty commanded a fortress wall be built to protect the city, where at the same time, Chachoengsao City Shrine was first built in 1834. The city shrine is believed to be quarters of the Holy Spirits, whom protects the town and its people from wars and threats.

Later on during the reign of King Chula Chom Klao Chao Yu Hua (King Rama V), Chachoengsao’s City shrine was damaged, Phraya Wised Reu Chai (Chang), the city ruler, collaborated with his brother, Phra Kriang Krai Kabuan Yutt (Suaa) gathered materials from a whole Makha Three which is as large as 4 Kums and 5 Soks in length (3 meters), replaced the damaged shrine with the wood. During the renovation, there were ceremonies such as merit making and a sacred celebration for the new city shrine on the 16th of July 1895. Nevertheless, Chachoengsao’s city shrine is undersized; it’s insufficiently graceful for such an important role it’s representing, and so in 1997 the city shrine was rebuilt. His majesty, King Bhumibol assigned the crown prince to take presence during the celebratory ceremony on the 3rd of June 1999.

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